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Liberia Fashion Week by Cammepa Productions

Liberia Fashion Week is an initiative to advance the fashion, textile, and beauty industries of Liberia. Liberia Fashion Week also has a traveling show to promote Liberian designers in Diaspora. Liberia Fashion Week was launched in 2007 in Philadelphia, PA. As the first ever Fashion Week, Liberia Fashion Week premiered in Liberia on December 17, 2008.

Cammepa Productions

Cammepa Productions (Cammepa) was launched as an event planning and productions company, producing unique and avant-garde events, a mélange of culture, fashion, and entertainment. Currently, Cammepa is a creative agency, which promoting Africa's creative sector and promoting intercultural communication. We also specialize in event planning, productions, management, and public relations of clients in the Fashion, Beauty, Art, Entertainment, and Lifestyle industries. Our motto at Cammepa Productions is vision breathes life.   

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Liberia Fashion Week

Liberia Fashion Week

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